Healthy Costco Rotisserie Chicken Parm Sliders

After school is out I go straight into dinner prep so I can move on to other chores and finish my night early enough to get a decent night’s sleep. Good sleep is a goal of mine that I don’t always achieve. Cooking an easy meal with minimal cleanup (that’s not crap food) helps get me closer to MY COMFY BED!HEALTHY ROTISSERIE CHICKEN PARM SLIDER RECIPES


My favorite things about this recipe…


END RESULTS – My husband and daughter absolutely loved these and ate a ton. He could not tell I put vegan cheese in what-so-ever! I loved them and ate two. My teenage son said they were just “ok”. Now, he’s a picky eater and resists my efforts to keep him eating clean because that’s just what 13 year old sons do – they rain on healthy mom’s parade! I think he sniffed out my faux mozzerella and gave me just an “ok”. Overall we outnumber him and will make this again!

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