Healthy Costco Rotisserie Chicken Parm Sliders

After school is out I go straight into dinner prep so I can move on to other chores and finish my night early enough to get a decent night’s sleep. Good sleep is a goal of mine that I don’t always achieve. Cooking an easy meal with minimal cleanup (that’s not crap food) helps get me closer to MY COMFY BED!HEALTHY ROTISSERIE CHICKEN PARM SLIDER RECIPES


  • COSTCO King’s Hawaiian bread
  • COSTCO rotisserie chicken
  • COSTCO Paesana Brand Organic Tomato & Basil sauce
  • COSTCO Aluminum Foil & Cooking spray to minimize mess
  • COSTCO VEGAN GO VEGGIE mozzarella flavor shreds



My favorite things about this recipe…

  • I used organic tomato sauce.  Tomatoes that are not organic have been found to have up to 35 different pesticide residues which I would assume creeps into tomato sauces.
  • I used vegan cheese. I’m not vegan nor are my children however if I have the chance to slip a dairy alternative in every now and then I’m totally game!
  • I used a fresh rotisserie from COSTCO instead of the pre-packaged rotisserie meat. I find that with the pre-packaged rotisserie meat I seem to get significantly dehydrated immediately after eating which makes me wonder if there are preservatives causing me to feel like a cactus. So I stick with pulling the chicken off the rotisserie myself. ALSO – COSTCO does sell an organic whole turkey to make your own organic rotisserie if you have the time.


END RESULTS – My husband and daughter absolutely loved these and ate a ton. He could not tell I put vegan cheese in what-so-ever! I loved them and ate two. My teenage son said they were just “ok”. Now, he’s a picky eater and resists my efforts to keep him eating clean because that’s just what 13 year old sons do – they rain on healthy mom’s parade! I think he sniffed out my faux mozzerella and gave me just an “ok”. Overall we outnumber him and will make this again!